Technical Support

Wide experience in solving technical problems

Working with fixing and fire protection systems becomes more and more complex due to advancing technology and changing building requirements. When preparing or executing a project you can encounter a problem that you cannot solve yourself. Walraven Technical Support has a wide experience in solving technical problems.


From engineering to on-site construction support

Around our products we offer a wide range of technical consultancy in the area of:

  • Supports for pipe work, air ducts or cable ducts
  • Supports for technical installations on roof tops (such as solar panels, climate installations)
  • Secundary constructions
  • Clamp fixing advice
  • Pipe and cable penetrations through fire rated separations
  • Prefabrication service
  • Calculation
  • Assembly instructions
  • On-site construction support

Our expertise is available for you!

Based on your individual requirements our Technical Support staff will make you a proposal, well grounded with detailed calculations, AutoCAD-drawings and parts lists. Our expertise is available for you!

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