B Seismic restraints systems

Seismic restraints

For facilities with delicate processes, infrastructure or machinery it can be of vital importance for the supporting system to maintain its integrity during seismic activity. Earthquakes of any size have the ability to inflict structural damage to inadequately restrained piping, mechanical or electrical systems. Any equipment knocked from the supporting structure can damage property and threaten lives of the people present. The necessary investment for seismic restraints can be seen as negligible when compared with the costs of repair, replacement or system downtime from seismic activity.

The Walraven engineering team can provide a custom design for different types of systems, including seismic restraints for ductwork, piping, cable (trays) and equipment both for indoor and outdoor application. 

Walraven can offer a total solution against seismic forces using a combination of advanced technical support as well as a complete line of seismic restraint products.

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