How to choose the best pipe clamp

We have recently published a fully comprehensive guide, covering almost everything you will ever need to know about pipe clamps. The guide provides you with extensive information and tools so that by the end of reading the guide you have everything you need to be able to select the best pipe clamp for your installation.

An overview of the best pipe clamp guide

Since our guide is extremely in-depth, we’ve decided to put together an overview of the page, to give you an idea of what you can expect to see.

The guide is made up of 10 main sections, from how pipe clamps work, to the variables that must be taken into consideration when selecting the right one.

Section 1 – The four main types of pipe clamps

In this section, we take a quick look at the four main types of pipe clamps that are being used throughout buildings today. Not only do we provide an overview of each type, but we also give a quick tip on which individual type is best in different circumstances.

best pipe clamp

Section 2 – How pipe clamps actually work

Here, we give information on how different pipe clamps work and have a look at the way different types of pipe clamp works. We then take a look at a fast fitting and easy to use pipe clamp that could save you time on your next installation.

bets pipe clamp

Section 3 – How to select the best pipe clamp

This is one of the main sections that should be taken into consideration when selecting the best pipe clamp for your job. We highlight each variable that must be considered when selecting a pipe clamp. From the temperature of the pipe that you’re fixing to the material of the pipe clamp.

best pipe clamps

Section 4 – The size of the clamp that you need

Although this seems like a simple one to figure out for yourself, there are a few considerations that you have to take into account. For example, making sure you know the correct diameter of the pipe you are fixing, and if you require insulation underneath the clamp. We also provide you with a handy pipe size conversion chart to help you work out the diameter of clamp you need.

best lined pipe clamp

Section 5 – An overview of rubber lined clamps

There isn’t just one type of rubber lined clamp. In fact, at Walraven, we have three different types of lined clamps, all suited to a different type of pipe. In this section, we cover what each type of rubber lined clamp is best for.

best pipe clamp

Section 6 – The benefits of Walraven’s pipe clamps

Our core business is developing and manufacturing all kinds of pipe clamps. In this section, we look at some of the benefits of our clamps compared to our competitors.

the best pipe clamp to buy

Section 7 – Insulation and pipe clamps

Some clamps need to be installed over thermal insulation. In this section, we take a look at the Walraven Phenblox, which is our own phenolic insulation, and how to select the right clamp to go over your insulation.

best pipe clamp

Section 8 – The complete support system

When it comes to fixing a pipe system in place, clamps are only one piece of the puzzle. In this section, we take a look at how a complete system looks and provide a run-down of each component needed.

best pipe clamp

Section 9 – Advice about pipe clamps

Fixing pipework can have lots of complexities. One of the main questions we get asked is ‘how do I select the right bracket fixing distance?’. In this section, we take a look at how you can get that distance right.

what is the best pipe clamp

Section 10 – Useful links to help you learn more about pipe clamps

If there wasn’t already enough content in this guide, we provide some useful links at the end to some other pages that provide even more useful information about pipe clamps.

the best pipe clamps

If you want to learn more about the 10 sections just mentioned, make sure to go over and have a look at the complete guide.

best pipe clamps

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