BIS Threaded Shoulder Wood Screw Model A

  • material: steel
  • zinc plated

more specifications

Specifications and packaging

Part No.GLLh (mm)Lm1 (mm)PØ (mm)Pack 1Pack 2
Part No.6353850GM8L50 mmLh (mm)30Lm1 (mm)8 (mm)10Pack 1100Pack 2-
Part No.6353860GM8L60 mmLh (mm)30Lm1 (mm)8 (mm)10Pack 1100Pack 21.000
Part No.6353880GM8L80 mmLh (mm)30Lm1 (mm)8 (mm)10Pack 1100Pack 2-


  • material: steel
  • zinc plated

Complementary products

Complementary products for BIS Threaded Shoulder Wood Screw Model A

  • 6103960

    BIS Star Plug

    • for a fire safe fixing of pipes
    • metal plug for wood and chipboard screws
    • good grip because of external design (high pull-out resistance)

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