Phenolic Insulation Blocks and Construction Products Regulations

The Construction Products Regulations (CPR) was introduced to break down technical barriers to trade for construction products between the member states of the European Economic Area. To facilitate this, a pan European system of Harmonised European Standards (hEN) – sometimes referred to as European Standards or European Norms – were commissioned to set benchmark specifications for individual product types, such as EN 14314:2009 for phenolic foam insulation in Building Services applications.

What does the CE Mark mean?

BIS Phenblox® phenolic pipe supports are manufactured in accordance with CE standards. The Phenblox® CE mark verifies that we have ‘strictly followed all the applicable procedures’ for producing our phenolic pipe supports in line with its’ DoP (Declaration of Performance).

CE marking indicates that a product is consistent with its’ Declaration of Performance and signifies that the product complies with relevant regulations across the European Economic Area.

This is intended to ensure that reliable technical information is provided about the performance of the product in a common technical language and it s tested using consistent assessment methods. This consistency should enable designers and specifiers to compare the performance of products easily.

Read our technical document which explains more about the CPR, CE Marking and BS EN14313 regulations in relation to phenolic pipe supports.

Technical document – CPR, CE marking and phenolic insulation



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