Complete HVAC system as prefab element

Prefab is on the rise

Prefabrication or as also called prefab is gaining popularity in the building industry. Time and cost savings together with faster and safer installation onsite are among the most recognised benefits of prefab. In addition, prefabrication is seen as an excellent way to cope with the growing labour shortage in the sector. Last but not least, very importantly, for installers and contractors, prefab is the way to go generally lift and maintain standard quality for installations.

prefab is on the rise


“In Europe, 56% of the installers use prefab products and almost 39% of the projects the prefab users have worked on contain some form of prefab.”

European Mechanical Installation Monitor –Q2 2020 by USP Marketing Consultancy

what makes a good prefab

What makes a good pre-fab?

Despite the common misconception, well-designed prefab elements can offer great flexibility. If designed and assembled correctly, prefab elements should virtually be able to fit into any installation.

Next to flexibility, pre-fabricated elements need to deliver on their original benefits like time and cost savings. These can only be achieved if the design process itself takes less time and done digitally. This is where good BIM modelling and correct 3D design come in. These are critical to the success of prefabrication.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could save up to 50% of the time you currently spend on designing and installing HVAC systems?


Prefabricated HVAC system

One of the most prominent areas in terms of integrations and adding value by combining multiple disciplines is the HVAC, climate control field. Through delivering an integrated system, which is supported by digital design and standardised manufacturing processes, you can reach up to 50% time-saving.

What is included?

A prefabricated HVAC system refers to an integrated approach of combining cooling, heating, isolation, sprinkler modules, cable tray, valve, coupling and anchoring in one standard offer while managing the entire design, production, delivery and installation process.

From design to installation

Why Prefabricated HVAC?

Why walraven prefabricated hvac

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