BIS Decorative Pipe Clamp (Brass)

  • two-screw clamp
  • material: brass

Additional Specifications

Specifications and Packaging

Part No.D (mm)GB (mm)H (mm)h (mm)Fa,z (N)Pack 1Pack 2
Part No.0828012D (mm)12GM6B (mm)33H (mm)26h (mm)17F<subscript>a,z</subscript> (N)700Pack 1100Pack 21.500
Part No.0828015D (mm)15GM6B (mm)36H (mm)30h (mm)20F<subscript>a,z</subscript> (N)700Pack 1100Pack 21.000
Part No.0828022D (mm)22GM6B (mm)48H (mm)38h (mm)24F<subscript>a,z</subscript> (N)700Pack 150Pack 2500
Part No.0828028D (mm)28GM6B (mm)56H (mm)46h (mm)29F<subscript>a,z</subscript> (N)700Pack 150Pack 2400
Part No.0828035D (mm)35GM6B (mm)63H (mm)56h (mm)35F<subscript>a,z</subscript> (N)700Pack 125Pack 2250

Product Specifications

  • two-screw clamp
  • material: brass

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