BIS Nail Shoulder Stud

  • material: tempered steel
  • zinc plated

Additional Specifications

Specifications and Packaging

Part No.GLLm1 (mm)HØ (mm)Pack 1Pack 2
Part No.6333618GM6L18 mmLm1 (mm)8 (mm)4Pack 1100Pack 23.000
Part No.6333625GM6L25 mmLm1 (mm)8 (mm)4Pack 1100Pack 23.000
Part No.6333630GM6L30 mmLm1 (mm)8 (mm)4Pack 1100Pack 22.000
Part No.6333640GM6L40 mmLm1 (mm)8 (mm)4Pack 1100Pack 22.000
Part No.6333655GM6L55 mmLm1 (mm)8 (mm)4Pack 1100Pack 21.800

Product Specifications

  • material: tempered steel
  • zinc plated

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