BIS Spectrum® PV Mounting System

  • solid construction
  • quick and easy assembly
  • minimum ballast

Additional Specifications

Specifications and Packaging

Part No.ModelPack 1
Part No.7909903ModelBIS Spectrum® Mounting UnitPack 11
Part No.7908100ModelBIS Spectrum® Universal ClipPack 11
Part No.7908615ModelBIS Spectrum® RailPack 11
Part No.7908101ModelBIS Spectrum® Rail ConnectorPack 11

Product Specifications

  • solid construction
  • quick and easy assembly
  • minimum ballast
  • non-penetrating system
  • can be used on high-rise buildings and in every wind zone
  • non-penetrating system, rooftop membrane remains intact
  • tested for wind sensitivity in a wind tunnel in accordance with Eurocode 1 and NEN 7250 Approval
  • for more information or advice please contact your Walraven Sales Company or visit our website

Installation and Usage

  • Spectrum_step1
  • Spectrum_step2
  • Spectrum_step3
  • Spectrum_step4
  • Spectrum_step5
  • Spectrum_step6


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