WDI1 Setting Tool

  • for setting Walraven WDI1 Drop-in Anchors

Additional Specifications

Specifications and Packaging

Part No.CodeForPack 1
Part No.6902106CodeWDI1ST 6ForWDI1 6x25Pack 110
Part No.6902108CodeWDI1ST 8ForWDI1 8x30Pack 110
Part No.6902110CodeWDI1ST 10ForWDI1 10x40Pack 110
Part No.6902112CodeWDI1ST 12ForWDI1 12x50Pack 110
Part No.6902116CodeWDI1ST 16ForWDI1 16x65Pack 110

Product Specifications

  • for setting Walraven WDI1 Drop-in Anchors

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