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The Walraven Group is a top player in the worldwide installation market. The company, headquartered in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, has its own production facilities and sales offices around the world and has been guaranteeing the highest quality for 75 years.

Walraven has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of materials used by installers across the world, allowing them to save time during assembly and offering the highest degree of reliability in operation. Walraven products are used by tens of thousands of installers in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Each individual product is part of a total system solution. These are used in countless homes and utility construction projects, as well as offshore, shipbuilding, industrial and infrastructural building projects.

Our products are market-oriented, innovative, perfectly suited to customer needs and deliver the highest possible performance. Products have all required approvals and our organization is ISO 9001:2008 certified. With our wide product range and expert advice, we can provide a solution for every aspect of any project, no matter how large or complex.

Company Historyabout_walraven_image2_480x325px 

The Walraven Group is a family owned company which was founded in 1942 by Jan van Walraven, the great grandfather of our current CEO, Pelle van Walraven. Due to a shortage of pipe fittings in the years after the war, Jan was forced to create his own in order to continue with his work as a plumber.

In the years following the war, The Walraven Group has grown from a small family company to an international enterprise. With over 1,000 employees, Walraven is constantly working on improving products and services to make installers jobs more convenient.

Research and Developmentabout_walraven_image3_480x325px 

Development of new products has always been our priority, with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. All of our solutions are based on a fully integrated approach allowing us to provide total custom solutions for any project. Walraven’s product offering meets all regulatory requirements of today’s markets. Combined with our expertise and testing capabilities, we can help architects and builders meet all today’s challenges on even the most complex projects.

The Walraven Group Production Facilitiesabout_walraven_image4_480x325px

The Walraven Group has production facilities in various countries, with modern machines often designed in-house. Each facility has its own specialties, which allows products to be manufactured in the most efficient manner possible. Almost all our tooling and molds arAboue produced in our own tool making facility. Walraven manages the entire process, from concept to manufacturing, and can quickly respond to developments in the market. We can also deliver custom products, if required.

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