Project Indonesia

Published on: 5 September 2014

Project Indonesia

In Indonesia (Benoa – Bali ) a new Holiday Inn Hotel is being built. The hotel belongs to the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG); a multinational which operates as a parent company for several hotel chains.

IHG is the world’s biggest hotel enterprise with more than 4.600 hotels spread out over 100 countries. Walraven supplies several kinds of fixing materials and offers technical specification for this project.

The new Holiday Inn Hotel Benoa, a resort with 168 rooms, is located at the well-known Nusa Dua beach in Bali, Indonesia. The resort will offer a spa, swimming pool, ball room, several meeting rooms, recreation rooms and various local and international restaurants.

BIS Fixing systems

For this Holiday Inn resort Walraven’s various fixing materials including the BIS RapidRail® Fixing system and various clamps like BIS Bifix® 300 and 1301, BISOFIX®, BIS Heavy Duty Clamps HD 500 and BIS Heavy Duty Clamps HD1501 and sprinkler clamps are supplied. Our Project Engineers give support both from the Netherlands and on-site.

The BIS RapidRail®Fixing system offers an unprecedented choice of rail profiles, cantilever arms and an extensive range of accessories for pipe fixing to rails or for making rail constructions. The accessories are entirely pre-assembled and are supplied “ready-to-use”. Thanks to the plastic springs the accessories can be rapidly attached to the rail. The BIS RapidRail®Fixing system can save up to 40% of the assembly time! The Indonesians have not worked with the BIS RapidRail®Fixing system before: this system means a whole new way of working for them.

The BIS Bifix®300 and 1301 are used to install the steel pipes in the new hotel. The two-screw clamps have a quick locking system for easy and reliable fixing. BIS Heavy Duty Clamps HD500 and BIS Heavy Duty Clamps HD1501 are used for heavier applications. Thanks to their anti-loss washer these clamps allow a quick installation. They are moreover noise insulating, ageing-resistant and resistant to low and extremely high temperatures.

The new Holiday Inn Hotel Benoa in Bali is expected to open at the beginning of 2014. Beautiful beaches, fine local and international food and a pleasant sea breeze will await new guests.

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