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The W Series: The New Alternatives to the Strut and Cushion Clamp

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Introducing the newly expanded PRICE LIST which features the New RSWB In-Wall Solutions products, such as the cutting edge RSWB Shower Valve Bracket Kits and Accessories, which will change the way you work!

Click the link below to download this 32 page PDF file filled with full-color photos as well as NEW and existing product information.

Walraven Price List_06.2018 _v03_WITH PHOTOS


Due to the increase of material costs, we have adjusted our current prices an average of 5%-10% per product category. Click on the following links (PDF or Excel format) to download the interim price list.

Walraven April 2018 Price Increase v4_06.2018.pdf

Walraven April 2018 Price Increase v4_06.2018.xlsx


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