W Series Clamps: Simplicity Reinvented.

Introducing the Revolutionary Alternatives to the Strut and Cushion clamp.


By re-thinking the installation process we’ve eliminated clutter, increased safety and reduced the potential for dropping parts. Join the revolution today!

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The value of smart

The W Series Clamps are the latest way to mount pipes to strut. One size can fit multiple pipes, reducing the types of clamps needed to complete a project. Its patented one-piece design and durability allows installers to prefabricate a job, saving time and labor costs in the process.

Simple stated, the W Series Clamps make any installation project easier, safer and more affordable.




the new alternatives to the Strut and Cushion clamp
simply twist into the strut, insert your pipe and close
one-piece design, means no more dropping parts, installs with one hand


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