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Plumbing professionals are using current innovations to transform the way they do business, so Walraven offers an extensive range of engineered products for a non-engineered environment. Our fixed and telescoping brackets are easy to install and fit most Walraven accessories and clamps. These brackets are designed to be adjusted with all accessories mounted, giving you the flexibility during the installation process and the opportunity to pre-fabricate your installation to save time and labor costs on the job site.

Efficient installation

From the boiler to the shower head, Walraven has unique labor-saving pipe support solutions for:

  • Copper, CPVC, PEX, PVC, ABS, PP, steel, cast iron, stainless or EMT
  • Wood or metal studs
  • Floor to ceiling mounts
  • Trapeze rail and in-wall
  • Noise and vibration
  • Expansion and contraction

Our lightweight telescoping brackets and strut, plastics clamps, cantilevers, grommets, stub-outs and standard shower valve plates (that fit Moen, Kohler, American Standard and Delta valves) make your installation easier and faster. Besides the wide range of products, ease of installation and high quality of the products offered, Walraven In-Wall & Overhead Solutions contain less parts and pieces than the competitors, saving you time and money on the install. To help reduce the in-wall noise commonly emitted from water running through pipes, most of our line of products are noise tested (by certified laboratories) and will decrease this perceived noise, as well as reduce any pipe vibration that may occur. Our products are also tested to meet industry standards including corrosion resistance, flame, UV and Plenum rating. This new product line was designed to work seamlessly with our existing products. We have expanded our product line to make your job easier and solve your installation challenges using less products, that’s what we call ”The value of smart”.

3 reasons for choosing Walraven

  • Quick and easy to install. Our products are versatile and come with all of the hardware needed to install. No more missing parts or the inconvenience of dealing with limited hardware. You also save time and money by not having to solder every copper connection.
  • Complete systems. Walraven products have you covered from shower head mounts to adjustable wall brackets all the way down to PEX bend supports. Our products will be available with US codes and standards approval.
  • Less parts required. One Walraven product does the job of several of the competitors products, meaning less parts to stock and handle on the job site.
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Rapid Wall Sliding Bracket with Universal Shower Valve Plate

RSWB_2 dog earred CTS with 2 silent nuts

Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket with double PEX stub-outs

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