Walraven Yeti® designed with sustainability in mind

Published on: 12 April 2024

Walraven Yeti® support systems are a great example of a product created with sustainability in mind. It’s almost completely made from recycled materials (approx. 98%)!



The base of Yeti® is made of recycled polyamide, which is a post-industrial waste (mainly from the automotive industry). Wood fibres are added to the base to strengthen the supports and protect them against UV radiation. The rubber mat in Walraven Yeti® is made of TPV, a material with a single origin. The yellow insert is a virgin material that contains glass fibres, which helps to stabilise the product.

Thanks to these raw materials and the innovative design, we have a durable product that provides complete rooftop solutions, including solar panel installations, servicing our clients eager to take the following steps in sustainability.

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Walraven walkways delivered directly to the roof

walraven hopital Poznan rooftop

Prefabricated walkways on the roof of a 16-storey apartment building


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