Project Telecom City

Published on: 10 September 2014

Project Telecom City

Since October 2011, on the south skirts of the Russian capital Moscow, Telecom City, a Class A+ multipurpose business complex, is being developed.

Telecom City includes 12 blocks of office buildings, an underground shopping and leisure center, hotel complex , sports center, nursery, restaurants, banks, and other facilities.

BIS Yeti® Support System + BISOFIX® PIR Clamps

Walraven Yeti® Support System + Walraven BISOFIX® PIR Clamps

BIS Yeti® Support System + BIS Expansion Device

Walraven Yeti® Support System + Walraven Expansion Device

Built to latest standards

The basic parameters of the project are:

  • Situated 2 km from Moscow’s ring road, in the direction of Kiev and Vnukovo Airport (8 km); a Metro station is scheduled to open in 2014
  • The total area of the plot is 45 hectares and the expected leasable area is 420,000 sq m (in 4 phases)
  • The first phase includes 126,000 sq m, of which 90,000 sq m has been leased, primarily by Rostelekom, a telecommunications company
  • The completion of the first phase of the project is planned for Q2 2014

The project has been built to new standards including its innovative design, energy saving technologies, Wi-Fi open air zones and large flexible and functional floor plates (5,000 m2).

Walraven Russia closely involved

Walraven is closely involved with the lay-out of the many roof installations. The company a.o. made the designs for the supports of the cable trays, ventilation channels, pipes for heating and cooling on the roof. And of course Walraven supplied the required products, among 4.500 pieces of Walraven Yeti® Support Systems, many kilometers of Walraven RapidStrut® fixing rail and thousands of Walraven BISOFIX® PIR insulated pipe clamps.

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