Walraven’s fire stop beats the competition on The Shard

Published on: 11 May 2017
The Shard is one of the world’s most recognisable buildings. Standing at almost 310 metres it is one of Europe’s tallest buildings comprising retail, offices, hotel, apartments and restaurants. On such a large and complex building project, it was no surprise that installing a fire stop solution was not straight-forward.

The problem

Generic fire stop solutions were initially specified on this project. However, the District Surveyor for the London Borough of Southwark was concerned about the breakouts from the riser shafts, and whether general fire stop solutions would be sufficient to cope with the extensive movement that was expected within the risers.

The fire stop solution

The sub-contractor suggested our product to the main contractor as a possible solution for use in the risers. The sub-contractor had previously used the Walraven Pacifyre® MKII Fire Sleeve on another project and believed it could be an appropriate solution where significant movement was expected.

We were then asked to discuss our solution with the Consultants responsible on the project, and our technical team were able to demonstrate that our solution would be an effective and easy to install alternative. The Consultants then decided that the Walraven Pacifyre® MKII Fire Sleeve was the best option for the risers in The Shard and changed the specification to the Walraven product.

How can we help you?

If you need a flexible, effective and easy to install fire stop for pipework – that performs above and beyond a generic fire stop – why not get in touch to find out more. Request a call from your Walraven Regional Sales Manager (RSM) to discuss your requirements.

fire stop solution

Pacifyre® sleeves can be seen on floor penetration. Anchor shown to indicate level of support given to the pipework throughout the riser.


fire stop solution

Pacifyre® visible on 600mm pipe. Basement plant room.

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