Tailor-made and time-saving solution for railway tunnel

Published on: 5 June 2019

The construction work began in January 2014. A railway that will consist of two single-track tunnels, each 9,450 metres in length, located in Germany between Dornstadt and Ulm and part of the new rail link Stuttgart-Ulm. Like all tunnels, they are built in the most interesting locations. This one runs under the river Donau, the Glacis-Galerie shopping centre, the industrial area Neu-Ulm and over a length of 300 metres under the Rappenbach valley. Approximately 1.4 million cubic metres of soil and rock material had to be removed. To line the tunnel walls a sprayed concrete technique was used, typically reinforced by conventional steel rods, steel mesh and fibres. In May 2018 the completion of the structural work was announced. Now it was possible to start with the techniques and equipment. The tunnel is expected to be put into operation by 2021.

The challenge

Bachler imageTiming on this project was very tight. Our technical engineers worked closely with the main contractor and the installation subcontractor throughout the scheme to develop a fixing solution for sprinkler pipes that would meet the project’s fire safety requirements.

The solution

Plot A3 - HochBy using prefabricated Walraven RapidStrut TB 700 and Walraven Heavy Duty Clamps in combination with the Walraven RapidStrut® accessories, the technical team of Walraven was able to design a time-saving solution that would be effective and easy to install and matched all the contractors requirements.

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We recognise that working with fixing and fire protection systems is becoming more and more complex due to advancing technology and changing building requirements. If you are facing challenges on a project, our Walraven Technical Engineers can provide a comprehensive project support service to help you design and deliver an effective solution.

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