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Wide range of heavy duty chemical and mechanical anchorslandingspage_plugs_mechanical

Walraven offers an ideal bonded and/or mechanical anchor for different applications. Our product guides and expert team aim to help you to find the best solution for your application. Our calculation software makes it possible to find complete solutions for your installation job.

High quality mechanical and chemical anchors

  • ETA approved
  • Seismic tested according to C1/C2 standard (particular products)
  • For indoor and outdoor applicationslandingspage_plugs_chemical
  • Fire resistant and tested (particular products)
  • Free support from wall to pipe on your jobsite
  • Free anchor design software


Walraven Anchor Design software

Our calculation software makes it possible to find complete solutions in one software environment. This doesn’t only include the ideal fixing solution, but other Walraven products, too, such as our RapidStrut® and RapidRail® rails, cantilever arms, threaded rods and wallplates.

Please fill out the application form on the right side to receive the calculation tool.

calculation tool

Which anchor for your installation?anchor ceiling

We offer free support to find the right solution for any specific load requirement. Searching for the best solution we consider:

  • load type (static/dynamic) and direction (tension/shear /combined)
  • environmental conditions (humidity, wind, chemicals)
  • type of wall or ceiling where the anchor will be fixed to
  • anchor spacing and edge distances
  • load-bearing capacity
  • fixed element type
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