How to comply to fire safety regulations

Each country has its own laws and regulations about building, remodelling and renovating. This includes the fire safety requirements of the building or structure.



The main aim of the regulation is to protect the people who live and work in the property by giving them time to escape safely in case of fire. Additionally the fire department has more time to extinguish the fire, especially when it remains within a closed fire compartment and can prevent the total destruction of the property.

Steps to comply to the regulations:

  • determine which Fire and Safety regulations are valid for the building or structure
  • determine the needed fire safety requirements
  • specify the situations where requirements are not achieved or need attention
  • find the appropriate solution for each situation
  • apply the solution

Ask as early as possible for advice

An important tip we have for you, is to ask for advice as early as possible on the best way to increase the fire protection of your project. It still happens regularly that after the installation of fire protection systems, everything has to be replaced because a part is used which is not up to the right fire safety standard. You certainly want to avoid these kind of failure costs.

The best solution: Walraven Pacifyre® fire collarsWalraven Design and calculation services

Do you want to make sure you optimally meet the fire safety requirements set by the government? Then we have the right fire protection systems for you. Our Walraven Pacifyre® fire collars can be used to make the feed-through of plastic pipes and metal insulated pipes fire resistant.


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