Fire Sleeves

Fire Sleeves

Our fire sleeves are suitable for insulated and un-insulated metal and plastic pipes. As well as offering a fire and smoke barrier, they also offer a certified noise barrier. Fire sleeves can be useful where significant pipe movement is expected as, unlike collars, they still allow the pipe to move. This can be commonplace on tall buildings. You also only need one sleeve per penetration so they can be installed quickly and easily.

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  • 215XXXXXX_BIS_Pacifyre_MK_II_P

    Pacifyre® MK II Fire Sleeve (P)

    • for pipe penetrations in accordance with e.g. DIN 4102-11 or DIN EN 1366-3 in walls (solid walls or light partition walls) and ceilings with fire protection requirements
    • the sleeve provides a guaranteed protection against fire, smoke and noise
    • expansion and contraction of the pipe remains possible

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