Floor Heating

Floor Heating

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  • 087200X

    BIS Floor Bend

    • protects the pipe against mechanical damage ('buckle')
    • for pipe sleeve up to Ø 25 mm
    • material: PP (polypropylene), creamcoloured (according to RAL 1013)

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  • 0872813

    BIS Two-Part Floor Bend

    • two-part floor bend
    • protects the pipe against mechanical damage ('buckle')
    • for pipe sleeve up to Ø 25 mm

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  • 6930001-08701XX

    BIS Tacker System

    • the BIS Tacker system consists of wide and stable clamps and a problem free tacker device
    • Part No. 693 0 001: Tacker device for a quick processing of tacker clamps (KA8 and KAL)
    • Part No. 0870141 (type KA8): for insulating plates from 25 mm thickness with foil

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  • 08702X0

    BIS Tacker Clamp

    • for a manual fixing of floor pipe to profiled plate or rails e.g. Raufix® on isolation plate
    • for floor pipe up to Ø 20 mm
    • can be used in addition to burled plates near manifolds, pipe bends and damaged plates

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  • 3913XXX

    BIS Floor Clamp

    • one-part saddle
    • to fix pipe-in-pipe pipes before casting top floor layer
    • increased strength due to profiled shape

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  • 6900000-6330018

    BIS Shouldered Masonry Nail for BIS Floor Clamp

    • Part No. 6330018: can be hammered into concrete without pre-drilling a hole
    • Part No. 6900000: with hand protection and ergonomic hand grip
    • Part No. 6330018: material: steel 1.1740, tempered

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  • 394400X

    BIS Manifold Fixing

    • material: steel
    • zinc plated
    • sound proofing lining made of natural rubber, black

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