Heavy pipe support system for rooftops

Publicat la: 3 aprilie 2018

Thames-Tower-Reading-001The contractor working on the Thames Tower high rise office block in Reading, in the United Kingdom required advice about how to effectively support the rooftop services coming from the plant room. Walraven were approached to provide a technical design solution which was taken forward and implemented with great success.

The Problem

case_study_3This was a rooftop installation project to support very heavy pipework. The solution had to take into account several factors:

  • It had to be suitable for outdoor use
  • The thermal expansion of the pipework
  • Allow for a non-penetrative roof design
  • Be easy to install in a confined space

The Solution

case_study_2-2Our technical support team provided drawings and load calculations to recommend a combination of Walraven installation systems. This was followed up with a toolbox talk on-site.

The Walraven Maxx frame system is perfectly suited to supporting heavy pipework and is suitable for outdoor use. Used in combination with our expansion guides, the pipes would be effectively supported whilst allowing for thermal expansion. To provide a non-penetrative rooftop attachment, our Walraven Yeti® rooftop support feet were used.

The Walraven Maxx frame is a flexible, heavy rail system that is safe, secure and corrosion resistant. It is suitable for many applications and is quick and easy to install without the need for on-site fabrication or welding – perfect for confined spaces.

How can we help you?

Do you want more information about our rooftop systems? Or can we help you in determining and planning the most effective support solution? Please feel free to contact us to discuss this with our experts. Our technical engineers have many years of experience with technical challenges on rooftops and are happy to advice you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Get in touch and find out how we can support!

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