Automatic Air Vent

  • Construction Features
  • Installation and Maintenance

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Specifications and packaging

Part No.D (")
Part No.DMAAV38D (")
Part No.DMAAV12D (")½
Part No.DMAAV34D (")¾


  • Construction Features
    • brass body
    • maximum operating pressure: 16 bar
    • maximum operating temperature: +110 °C
    • air outlet: ¼” flare connection
    • check valve attachment provides costsavings and increases convenience
  • Installation and Maintenance
    • Automatic Air Vents should be installed vertically in the highest point of the system, after flushing all the debris
    • for the first use turn the cap (anti-clockwise) for quick filling
    • carry out regular inspections and do not remove the cap during operation
    • maintenance needs t obe carried out ony when the system is cold

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