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Walraven is a family owned company that is a global market leader of value-added installation systems for mechanical, plumbing, fire, seismic and electrical industries and applications (hangers, clamps, strut, fire protection, etc). The company is headquartered in The Netherlands, and operates in Europe, China, Asia, India, Middle East and North America. In Canada Walraven manufacturers and markets, pipe hangers, strut accessories and in-wall solutions specifically designed for US plumbing and mechanical applications. These high-quality products are engineered to support materials used in most installations such as PEX, PVC, CPVC, PP, copper, steel, cast iron and conduit providing contractors with simpler, smarter, faster and easier installations while improving profitability. Most of our products offer superior corrosion resistance, noise and vibration reduction, are UV, plenum and/or fire rated and meet most US standards including Buy American and UL Listings.

Introducing the New Walraven Website

We have listened and made many improvements to make your experience as easy as possible! Our new website is more focused on knowledge and services, instead of just products. The all-new Downloads section has all the product information you need, from datasheets, to product brochures and even BIM model files! Some of our customers have already been raving about the detailed How-To and Case Studies sections.

We Are Walraven – 75th Anniversary

In 2017 we celebrated our 75th anniversary! We are proud of our past, our achievements and our people who made this anniversary possible. We made this video especially for our people to show them how much we appreciate them. Because Walraven is about people and we believe that they can make the difference. We would like to share this video with you to show how grateful we are to have them by our side.

Introducing the Revolutionary Alternatives to the Strut & Cushion Clamp

The Value of Smart: W Strut Clamp

The W Series Clamps are the best way to mount pipes to strut. One size can fit multiple pipes, reducing the types of clamps needed to complete a project. Its patented one-piece design and durability allows installers to prefabricate a job, saving time and labor costs in the process. Simply stated, the W Series Clamps make any installation project easier, safer and more affordable! Get all the details here

How installers experience the Walraven W Strut Clamp

Check out how fast the Walraven W Strut clamp really is! Douglass Abramson, Handy Hubby Mechanical Engineer, tells us about the time saved on installation when using W Strut Clamps at a local trade show. Learn more about the W Series Clamps here

starQuick® – The Versatile Plastic Pipe Clamp

This versatile pipe clamp can be used to quickly and securely install multiple pipe runs for heating, electrical and plumbing installations. The clever self-closing feature means the pipe clip closes securely when the pipe is simply pushed into it. Press down again to easily unlock if required. Suitable for lightweight copper or plastic pipework (CPVC, PVC, PEX, etc…), this pipe clamp comes with a full range of accessories to enable easy attaching to any substrate, to rail or strut and to threaded rod. These useful clamps are also UL listed, making them perfect for US contractors to use in their next build.  Find the right starQuick® clamp for your install here

Walraven Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket (RSWB) For In-Wall Support

The Walraven Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket, RSWB for short, is the perfect time-saving support bracket for in-wall plumbing and electrical mounting between studs! Easy to use, the RSWB extends for faster mounting of EMT conduit, electrical boxes and plastic and metal pipes. It can be mounted to wood or metal studs and is suitable for floor joists and stud walls alike. The RSWB can be set at multiple depths and is much quicker and easier to install than traditional support methods. General Contractors like the time saving aspect during install on this Walraven product in the United States and across the world! Learn more about our convenient bracket here

Connecting To Strut Made Simple with RapidStrut® by Walraven

Whether you need to connect two pieces of strut together or hang clamps from strut on the wall or ceiling, Walraven’s RapidStrut® accessories make it easy! We have the connectors and slide nuts to save you up to 40% installation time on the job. Strut has never been so easy with RapidStrut® accessories… Learn more about our RapidStrut® accessories here

Walraven In-Wall and Overhead Solutions

Plumbing professionals are using current innovations to transform the way they do business, so Walraven offers an extensive range of engineered products for a non-engineered environment. Our fixed and telescoping brackets are easy to install and fit most Walraven accessories and clamps. These brackets are designed to be adjusted with all accessories mounted, giving you the flexibility during the installation process and the opportunity to pre-fabricate your installation to save time and labor costs on the job site.

Get the details on our line of in-wall and overhead products here

Walraven Bifix® G2 Clamps

Walraven Bifix® G2 Clamps are the latest premium pipe clamps for indoor and outdoor use! These clamps are made to be easily attached to threaded rod for hanging plastic and metal pipes.

Product features:

-Easy closing mechanism

-Easy pipe installation…

Get product detail and available sizes here

Thermal Expansion and Contraction of Pipes

How to Prevent Damage From Pipe Expansion/Contraction

Pipes expand and contract due to temperature changes. This could have serious consequences for the complete installation and cause damage to the entire building.

Pipe expansion can be a nuisance in the form of sound (material stresses, the ticking of the old central heating pipes, etc…) and even damage to the building. This can often lead to pipes breaking which leads to water damage. Therefore, it is wise to take this into account before and during installation.

Learn more with our How To Guide here

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