Bismat® Flash – the fastest fitting pipe clamp around!

Udgivet den: 16 marts 2017

Fixed in a flash without tools

The Bismat® Flash is a single screw pipe clamp with quick locking system. The locking screw can be secured with one simple thumb push, no tools required. As the locking screw is manually closed,BISMAT Flash there is minimal rubber compression. This results in better absorption of noise and vibration.

The Bismat® Flash is suitable for fixing all types of metal pipes from 15mm in diameter up to and including 63mm. The steel locking guarantees safety and reliability in all conditions. The fire resistance properties of the clamp are tested by the Materials Testing Institute (MPA) in Braunschweig (Germany) according to RAL-GZ 656.

BISMAT Flash step1
BISMAT Flash step2
BISMAT Flash step3
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Watch our You Tube video to see just how much faster it is to fit pipework with the Flash compared to a standard two screw clamp.


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