Light Duty Clamps

Light Duty Clamps

Walraven’s single screw and 2-Screw clamps provide fast and reliable solutions to hold light to medium load pipes, that are either insulated or uninsulated.

Walraven BISMAT® Flash – Easy to close with one hand

The Walraven BISMAT® Flash is a single screw, zinc plated pipe clamp with quick locking system. The locking screw can be secured by one simple thumb push, no tools required. As the locking screw is manually closed, there is minimal rubber compression: this results in better absorption of noise and vibration. The Walraven BISMAT® Flash is suitable for fixing all types of metal pipes Ø 15 mm up to and including 63 mm.

Bismat Flash

2S-lined 2S-unlined

Walraven 2S – Standard pipe clamp, gapless range

With the zinc plated Walraven 2S Walraven offers a standard clamp to fix steel, copper and multilayer pipes Ø 10 mm up to and including Ø 225 mm. The gapless range, available both with and without rubber lining, has an optimised steel design and provides a solution for every light/medium load in accordance with RAL GZ-655.

Walraven KSB2 – Quick and flexible

The zinc plated Walraven KSB2 clamp offers a comfortable solution for fixing steel, copper and multilayer pipes, Ø 10 – 225 mm. The quick closing mechanism is simply closed with one hand, which makes it easier and faster during installation. The range of clamps with EPDM lining, is designed to hold light/medium loads in accordance to RAL GZ-655 and offers noise reduction (DIN 4109).

New and improved

The Walraven 2S and Walraven KSB2 were recently updated, check the campaign page for more information!

Features & Benefits

  • Light and medium applications
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Gapless ranges included
  • Rubber inlay for noise and vibration absorption
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