Medium Duty Clamps

Medium Duty Clamps

Walraven’s 2-Screw clamps provide fast and reliable solutions to hold medium load pipes, either with or without load-bearing insulation.

Walraven BISMAT® 2000: Quick locking for fast installation

Walraven BISMAT® 2000 is a lined pipe clamp with patented locking system to fix all types of metal pipes from Ø 15 – 219 mm . The locking system is quick and easy to close with one hand which makes it fast to install. The clamp is zinc plated and has a noise insulating rubber lining, made of UV-resistant EPDM rubber.



Walraven Bifix® G2 – strong, versatile and suitable for outdoor use

Walraven Bifix® G2 is a unique and premium line of clamps covering all types of pipe fixing solutions, both in- and outdoors. The range consists of both lined and unlined clamps for steel, copper and multilayer pipes, Ø 10 – 225 mm. The two component EPDM lining improves the product’s ease of installation as well as the noise reduction properties (DIN 4109). Strength wise the Walraven Bifix® G2 holds medium to high loads, in accordance with both RAL GZ-655 and RAL GZ-656 under fire conditions. The Walraven Bifix® 5000 G2 is specifically designed for PE pipes and allows either fixing or sliding to handle the pipe expansion.

New and improved!

The Walraven Bifix® G2 and Walraven Bifix® 5000 G2 were recently updated, check the campaign page for more information!

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