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Walraven is a founding member of ‘Gütegemeinschaft Röhrbefestigung’ (Safe Connection). As part of this association, along with other producers of pipe clamps fixing systems, we have set up unequivocal product quality guidelines. The ‘Gütegemeinschaft Rohrbefestigung’ has become acknowledged in 2003 by RAL, the German institute for quality guarantees.  Over time, RAL has become established as the recognised body charged with the certification of products and services.

Certification is recognised by means of a quality mark; this is highly regarded by consumers and the wider economy alike, because products and services awarded the quality mark guarantee a high standard of tested quality.

Here is a very short video explaining what RAL quality marks are:


Find out everything you need to know about Walraven and our commitment to RAL approvals by clicking the link below which takes you to the ‘Safe-Connection’ website.

Walraven & RAL – find out more

RAL quality

Benefits of RAL approved products

The RAL quality mark stands for neutrally tested and proven quality in construction. The technical data of products with the quality mark is determined according to a uniform standard. RAL approved products are easily comparable across the industry.


Furthermore, the quality marks stand for proven quality, reliability and safety on construction sites and, as a consequence, protect planners, tradesmen and women, architects, home builders and trade outlets.

Benefits for the trades Benefits for planners and architects
  • Easy to select the right fixing
  • Reliable load capacity of fixings
  • Impartial tests by accredited test institutes assure a high level of reliability
  • Practical, comparable manufacturer documentation
  • The certainty that installing quality products offers
  • Quality assured products support superior implementation
  • Reliable technical guidelines
  • Labelled products/packaging simplify installation checks
  • Technical standard of products easily verified
  • Manufacturer’s product details tested
  • Certainty when planning
  • Invitation to tender quality products

RAL quality mark for pipe clamps and supports

The ‘pipe support’ quality mark (RAL-GZ-655) identifies the technical performance and quality of pipe clamps, consoles, assembly rails, and accessories that have been demonstrated in comprehensive independent testing.

More about RAL-GZ 655


RAL quality mark for fire tested supports

The ‘fire-tested pipe support’ quality mark (RAL-GZ-656) is important because although steel does not burn, it can fail in the event of fire. This RAL mark is awarded to products that completely satisfy the high requirements expected of fire-tested pipe clamps and supports.

More about RAL-GZ 656


Which of Walraven’s products are RAL approved?

Our main range of pipe clamps and rail systems are RAL approved. The full details can be found in our RAL Product Data Sheet.

Walraven’s RAL approved product list


The RAL mark is synonymous with quality and trust for pipe fixings. To find out more you can visit: http://www.guetegemeinschaft-rohrbefestigung.de/en/index.php Or email: [email protected]

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