Modular and prefabricated MEP Systems

Modular and prefabricated MEP Systems

Walraven’s innovative Prefabricated Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) modules have the potential to significantly boost construction productivity. They are constructed based on the principles of the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) concept, where different MEP service and equipment components are seamlessly combined into sub-assemblies off-site, simplifying their installation at the construction site. Walraven has designed a variety of module types tailored to specific construction requirements, aiming to elevate project efficiency.

Vertical Riser Support Frame

Effective and neat fixation of services onto limited space

Vertical riser support frame with access platform


Module with Access Platform Enables marvelous and innovative design

Plant Module :

Wall Mount Plant Module


Products that open up possibilities to clever designs with ease of installation and maintenance through meticulous engineering

Floor mount Plant module


Vibration-prone Design Concept Footing accessories Vibratek Spring Isolator and Yeti that allows high vibration and high load application

Horizontal MEP Frame Support & MEP Frame Support with Services


Walraven products offer vast possibilities of modularity

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