Anchor Accessories

Anchors Accessories

A complete range of accessories required to install our heavy duty anchors.

Accessories for concrete drilling

  • WSDS+ drill bits for concrete and hollow masonry
  • WIS BP blow pump for cleaning debris and concrete dust out of drilled holes

Accessories for WDI1 Drop-in anchors

  • WDI1 ST setting tools for WDI1, WDI1L and WDI1 SSt drop-in anchors
  • WSDS+ stop drill bit for WDI1, WDI1L, and WDI1 SSt drop in anchors
  • WDI1R SD stop drill bit for WDI1R drop-in anchors
  • WDI1R STS combined drilling and setting tool set for WDI1R drop-in anchors

Accessories for WIS chemical anchoring systems

  • WIS Nozzle S static mixer nozzle for WPSF100 and WVSF200 chemical anchoring systems
  • WIS Nozzle E static mixer nozzle for WPER500 chemical anchoring system
  • WIS DG high quality and durable dispenser guns
  • WIS BR hybrid bristle and steel brush for cleaning drilled holes
  • WIS SB stud bolts
  • WIS TR SSt threaded rods
  • WIS TR BUP threaded rods
  • WIS TR threaded rods

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