Fire tested products

Installations above escape routes

Installations above escape routes and emergency exits

It is not uncommon for mechanical and electrical installations to be fitted above escape routes and emergency exits. If there is a fire rated suspended ceiling below the installations, there are certain criteria to be considered for the fixing products used to ensure they do not fail in the event of a fire and cause damage to the fire rated escape route.

Fire rated fixing products

It is of vital importance that an escape route or emergency exit remains free of obstacles in the event of a fire. For fixing of installations in areas above (fire rated) suspended ceilings where only fixing materials can be applied that meet requirements for firmness and deformation. Walraven offers an extensive range of fixing solutions which have been tested for their fire resistance.

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Here are some examples of what can happen to fixings in the event of a fire:

Deformation of strut rail systems

Before and after fire

Deformation of clamps and threaded rod

Before and after fire

Given the effect of fire on these fixings, it is important to ensure a minimum safe distance between the installation and the suspended ceiling. Many of our rails, clamps and accessories have been tested in fire situations. Contact us to find out more or browse our product catalogue.

Walraven Fire tested product selection


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