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Walraven DesignFiX: anchor design made easy

Walraven DesignFiX is a free anchor design software that enables engineers, designers and specifiers to carry out post-installed anchor calculations in accordance with European anchor design methods.

The software is an invaluable tool that helps you save time by performing automatic anchor calculations based on application and load input. It helps you select the optimal anchoring product, generates project reports, and provides you with quick access to European Technical Assessments for all Walraven heavy duty anchoring products.

Why Walraven DesignFiX?

  • Delivers anchor design according to Eurocode EN 1992-4
  • Displays calculation results for different products
  • Includes extensive knowledge database and a user-manual
  • Offers compliant Seismic design for earthquake loads according to ETAG 001, TR 045.
  • Easy and clear presentation of design results in a PDF
  • Includes a module for calculating post-installed rebar applications
  • Recognises incorrect input and provides suggestions for improvement
  • Offers a Finite Element Module (FEM) for the calculation of required base plate thickness
  • Multilingual

* Walraven DesignFiX works with Microsoft Windows.

Walraven DesignFiX anchor software

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