Increasing building efficiency with insulating pipe support

Published on: 11 Ιουνίου 2020

VIB-University-Gent-1VIB (Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie) is a Flemish life sciences research institute that translates scientific research into real-life pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications. Based in the city of Ghent, Belgium together with more than 1700 scientists from over 75 countries, VIB makes an enormous economic impact in terms of supporting research, enabling start-ups and businesses and generating industrial income.

Announced back in 2018, the institute initiated the build of a new bio-incubator building to support the expansion and research potential of the Tech Lane Ghent science park where it is also located. The new 10 story building, approx. 12,000 m², will be physically connected to the existing research building and expected to be operational by 2021.

The challenge

In line with the latest European standards, maximising the efficiency of the new building was one of the biggest priorities. Therefore, finding the most efficient way of operating the HVAC system was a must.

The key challenge was to find the right solution that helps to avoid the common pitfalls of heating and ventilation. In case of heating, these pitfalls are energy loss due to thermal bridges and noise pollution created by the noise running through the circulation pumps. In the case of ventilation, the most common risk is condensation and corrosion.

Using adequate pipe insulation offers a solution to all these challenges and this is also what Walraven proposed from the start.

The solution

Stating with the heating insulation, to prevent the forming of thermal bridges, the BISOFIX® 88 and the BISOFIX® E 19 insulating pipe supports were applied. The BISOFIX® 88 insulating pipe supports are made out of steel clamps with casted polyurethane insulation bodies, and the inside of the clamps is covered with rubber foam for noise insulation. The Walraven BISOFIX® E 19 insulating pipe supports with PIR core and a PVC vapour barrier were combined with the Bifix® G2 clamps to support the steel pipes up to an outer diameter of 141mm. For the pipes with a larger diameter than 141mm, BIS Heavy Duty 500 clamps were selected. Thanks to the insulating pipe support, the noise travelling through the circulation pipes was significantly reduced.

At the locations where the ventilation ducts were in direct contact with the Walraven BIS RapidStrut® rails, rubber strips were applied to insulate the duct from the rail and thus prevent thermal bridging. To mount the spiral ducts the BIS Aero® clamps were used, a sendzimir galvanized clamp with coextruded TPE lining. BIS Aero®  was proven to be an easy to use solution, which also helped with further reducing the noise level.

VIB-University-Gent2Installation type:

  • Central heating
  • Ventilation

Products used:

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Every installation is different. Fortunately, Walraven understands the specific challenges and acquires the competences needed to develop the right technical solutions. In addition to a comprehensive range of robust, durable and easy-to-install product systems, our engineers are always available to share their years of expertise and advise you on the safest, most durable and cost-effective solutions for your installation.

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