An integrated Horizontal Distribution System from design to installation

A new integrated approach

The Horizontal Distribution System from Walraven refers to an integrated approach of combining cooling, heating, insulation, sprinkler modules, cable tray, valves, coupling and anchoring in one standard offer while managing the entire design, production, delivery and installation process.

A system with green credentials

The demand for sustainable development triggers all players in the installation sector to use environmentally friendly, long-lasting and reusable components.

With keeping the importance of green credentials in mind, the Horizontal Distribution System from Walraven has been designed in a way that it offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of removing and mounting the system in new buildings as well as in terms of reusing the system components.

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Prefabrication is on the rise


“In Europe, 56% of the installers use prefab products and almost 39% of the projects the prefab users have worked on contain some form of prefab.”

European Mechanical Installation Monitor –Q2 2020 by USP Marketing Consultancy

what makes a good prefab

Is the Horizontal Distribution System for you?

The Horizontal Distribution System from Walraven offers benefits for various stakeholders within an installation project.

As an investor or building owner you can achieve savings through reduced installation time and process coordination as well as increase the value of your building thanks to the green credentials of the system. The system can be adjusted depending on your layout and you can even reuse the elements later on in a different building if desired.

As a contractor, you get access to a system that combines disciplines that used to be offered standalone. Thereby you can simplify your logistics, coordinate fewer partners and reduce risk. Furthermore, you can also reduce the risk of not staying within budget.

As a specifier or architect, you enjoy compliance and quality assurance as well as the flexibility of the system components, which allow you to create a design for virtually any type of building. All the design work is done digitally therefore, you will have access to all the required digital models.

As an installer, your work becomes easier and safer onsite, and the integrated system takes way less time to be installed than the standalone elements. You can also think of providing aftercare, maintenance related services

From design to installation

Why the Horizontal Distribution System from Walraven?

Why walraven prefabricated hvac

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