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  • DMAVP381818

    Ribbed Mounting Pad

    • alternate high-low ribbed construction
    • pads can be cut to be slightly larger than the size of the leg or machine, using shears or knife
    • easy field installation

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  • DMAVWP341818

    Waffle Pad

    • easy field installation
    • no need for bolting
    • designed with in-built section cups

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  • DMACMSC341818

    Square Cell Pad

    • Square Cell Pad consist of 81 sections of size 50 mm x 50 mm seperated by a thin web which can be easily cut to fit loading requirements
    • excellent high frequency sound attentuation as compared to waffle pads
    • standard size for ease of handling

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  • DMAVSP781818

    Cork Sandwich Pad

    • Cork Sandwich Pad are laminated pads having ⅜” thick close grained cork securely bonded between two layers of ¼” alternate low-high ribbed neoprene rubber pads
    • easy field installation
    • no need for bolting

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  • DMAVMP11818

    Metal Sandwich Pad

    • Metal Sandwich Pads are constructed of a steel plate bonded between ribbed and vibration pads
    • very high load capacity

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  • HIMOAVMLP1380606

    Ribbed Multi Layer Pad

    • Ribbed Multi Layer Pads are constructed of two layers of thick ribbed pads encasing one 1.5 mm thickness steel plate in the center
    • alternate rib design with the ribs below and above joined at right angles to each other to eliminate skidding
    • diagonal ribs help to distribute load evenly

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  • HIMOAVSCP1380606

    Square Cell Multi Layer Pad

    • Square Cell Multi Layer Pads are constructed of three layers of square cell rubber sheets with two steel plates of 1.5 mm thickness
    • due to suction pockets formed by the square cell design the pad offers better grip on the floor surface
    • higher load capacity than Ribbed Multi Layer Pad

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