Jak zabránit zbytečným nákladům při montáži

Not every project runs smoothly. Sometimes things go wrong and you can incur failure costs. A large part of this can be prevented.failure_costs_image1_480x325px We will help you to evaluate your project and give you tips on how to avoid failure costs.

Good planning and preparation

There are numerous ways you can be faced with failure costs during a project. This can include ineffective planning of the construction process or the need to repair and replace parts. Even end products that do not meet the agreed quality requirements can incur extra costs.

Good planning and preparation is half the battle if you want to avoid failure costs. In brief, the right knowledge must be readily available and the details for the purchase of the correct products should be clear in advance. This is how you prevent failure costs from inaccurate estimations.

Consider the installation and fixing materials

An important tip we would like to give you is that the installation and fixing materials should be properly considered at an early stage. When it is time to install, there is no more time to quickly change the order because there is,
for example, a different type of connection needed than first considered. These types of things should be known beforehand if you want to avoid failure costs.

The best solution: involve us as early as possibleHow to prevent failure costs as an installer

We notice that installation and fixing materials are often not factored into the quotation phase of a project. This results in panic at the end of a project which can be prevented by involving us as early as possible in the process. We are happy to advise and together we can help the project run as smoothly as possible.

A good example is that we think along with our customers about the proper bracket distance. In practice a wider bracket is often used to reduce the costs of material.

However, if it turns out that the piping bends because there is too much distance between the two brackets, the quality will suffer. This is also the case when expansion points and fixed points are ‘forgotten’ or when other installations ‘are in the way’. We happily consider these things with you.

You also prevent failure costs due to the fact that our quality products are tested according to the stringent requirements of RAL and are subsequently RAL certified. You can therefore rely on guaranteed quality. In addition, we produce our products in-house and we randomly test them according to the same stringent requirements.

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