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If you’re looking for quality fixings, look no further! We believe that even the smallest parts, like the fixings you use, can make a big difference to your installation.

From saving you valuable time to simply making your job a whole lot easier, we have some innovative fixings to help you get the job done so you can move onto the next one! Knowing you can rely on quality fixings can give you great peace of mind.

Alongside our products we have technical advisers on hand 5 days a week. So if you have questions about how our products work, their approvals or load bearing capabilities for example, just give us a call.

Here you will find links to products and information on our website that we think may be of interest to you.


Products and Fixing Systems

Our product range is diverse and includes a number of essential as well as innovative products for plumbing and electrical engineers. Many of our products are made in the UK, and the rest are made in Europe. With a focus on quality, our products are designed and tested to work together effectively as complete systems.



One of our top sellers for both plumbers & electricians, the RSWB is a fast and effective replacement for a wooden noggin.

Find out more about the RSWB



A lightweight alternative to strut with pre-assembled slide nuts mean you can save up to 40% fixing time for pipe hanging and cable tray supports.

Find out more about RapidRail

Concrete Screws


Concrete screws can improve the speed and efficiency of M&E installations. Our ETA approved products offer reliable and safe fixing into concrete.

Find out more about concrete screws

Britclips® Electrical Fixings


Britclips® offer over 140 cable fixings for electricians. Manufactured in the UK for over 30 years they are a well established and trusted brand.

Find out more about Britclips®

starQuick® plastic clips


Fed up of cheap plastic clips breaking on you? starQuick® are strong and versatile clips with clever design features.

Find out more about starQuick®

2S Metal Pipe Clamps

Our 2S (2 screw) metal pipe clamps offer reliable, quality pipe fixing for standard installations. A full range from 10mm – 225mm we’ve got you covered.

Find out more about 2S pipe clamps


Across our site, you will find various technical articles, ‘how-to’ guides, case studies and other helpful information. Below we have highlighted a few articles that may be of interest to you. We can also provide advice and expertise in areas such as thermal expansion, anti-vibration, fire stopping, innovative fixing solutions and much more.

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