Walraven joins the SDG Challenge to brainstorm with students about a greener installation world

Published on: 25 November 2021

In collaboration with Soapbox, an organisation with the purpose of connecting youngers and organisations for impact, Walraven is taking part in this year’s SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Challenge to generate ideas for a more sustainable installation world.

With sustainable value creation as its purpose, Walraven is committed to make a difference that serves all its stakeholders positively in the long run. A part of this commitment is setting tangible global targets in line with the Sustainable Development Challenges defined by the United Nations, as well as taking on a number of initiatives that support the same cause. For this reason, both this and last year, Walraven decided to join the SDG Challenge organised by Soapbox where organisations like Walraven can work together with a group of students to brainstorm and design plans on how the organisation can contribute to a more sustainable future. During the challenge, Walraven is working together with a group of students from the University of Nyenrode.

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