New and extended passive fire protection systems

Smart fire safety in buildings

Walraven has been developing and manufacturing passive fire protection products for over 20 years. Therefore we are able to offer you the best technical support for selecting and installing effective passive fire protection.
Let’s start with a preferred situation: a well-designed building that delivers adequate fire protection in the event of a fire. You have to know what building regulations require passive fire protection products. Every construction situation is different and needs a specific combination of fire protection products. A firestop system is only completely functional when a combination of products works together. When one single product is missing, the rest of the fireproofing system could fail.

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Walraven welcomes a few new members to the family!

We developed some more important passive fire protection products and added them to the Walraven Pacifyre® product range:

  • Walraven Pacifyre® FPC Fire Protection Collar
  • Walraven Pacifyre® FPW Fire Protection Wrap
  • Walraven Pacifyre® G Graphite Sealant

We also increased the certification of our sealant namely:

  • Walraven Pacifyre® A Acrylic Fire Sealant
  • Walraven Pacifyre® S Silicone Fire Sealant

Why Walraven Pacifyre® Products?

  • Products tested according to EN 1366-3
  • ETA certified and CE marked products
  • Easy to install products to minimize risk of incorrect installation
  • Products that are suitable for renovations and remedial fire stopping
  • Unique product features to suit more complex building requirements
  • Products tested above and beyond standard requirements
  • FREE Technical advice service including consultation and problem-solving
  • Onsite training and support

Walraven Fire Testing

The integrity of fire-stopping systems is a hot topic due to recent catastrophic fires in high-rise buildings. Therefore, testing our fire-stopping systems to the highest standards possible is always a top priority. Walraven works with some of the best testing laboratories in
Europe, such as Warrington (BE), MPAs (DE), and Efectis (NL). At these laboratories, they understand what issues can have an impact, like pipe movement or smoke sealing. These kinds of problems are not required to be tested, but we believe it’s a crucial part of the overall effectiveness of a firestop. By cooperating with these laboratories, we get valuable professional opinions on the performance of our
product in those non-tested yet realistic situations.

Testing in-house for authentic scenarios

In addition to working with third-party organisations, Walraven also has its own testing facility in The Netherlands. We believe in testing products for real-life situations, not simply meeting test conditions. Testing a wide range of scenarios helps ensure that our products do their job. Because of the in-depth understanding of the behaviour of our products, we push their performance. And with our in-house testing, we can respond quickly to market needs and changing requirements.

The Walraven Pacifyre® product range:

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