We believe we can make a sustainable difference by building a multinational with a heart

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At Walraven, we believe in making a positive, lasting impact by building a multinational with a heart. As a family company, our commitment goes beyond products; it’s about creating a legacy that cares for people, the environment, and our shared economic future. We acknowledge the challenges in our industry and embrace the responsibility to address them head-on.

Our Sustainability Report 2023 will come soon!

Focus areas

Our actions have consequences that affect us and others. We must take responsibility for our impact on the environment and the people around us. We act now to make a positive change for ourselves and future generations.


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Transparent reporting

Our actions and the progress that we make are unambiguously visible in our reporting. We believe that transparency will enable us to move faster and bring us closer in our daily interactions with diverse stakeholders. Our actions, and how we safeguard our way of working related to sustainability are captured in reports and policies. The following downloads are available.

Sustainability report 2023


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EcoVadis report

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Code of conduct


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Walraven’s Commitment to Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

We recognise that having EPDs is crucial to our organisation. Those declarations allow us to communicate our products’ environmental impact transparently and empower our clients and partners to make informed choices.

We started our EPD journey with the cornerstone of our product portfolio: Walraven Rail Systems. Our team collaborated with experts to perform rigorous LCAs (Life Cycle Assessments) to gain insight into areas for improvement. We choose to have our calculations reviewed, verified and published by a third party, MRPI, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

We are now extending our EPD program to cover more of our product portfolios. We prioritise our efforts based on where we can make the most impact.




We are proud to share our sustainability journey with EcoVadis, a leading provider of corporate social responsibility ratings. EcoVadis evaluates our sustainability efforts based on international standards and best practices and helps us manage our value chain risks, drive positive impact, and contribute to a more sustainable future. We started collaborating with EcoVadis a few years ago and registered on their platform. Since then, we have participated in three EcoVadis audits, which have recognised our significant sustainability improvements and rated our performance as “good”. The audits have also guided us to define our focus areas and establish a sustainability roadmap with clear goals and actions. We are committed to continuing our progress.

Moving Forward together

On our journey forward, we surround ourselves with specialists. Their guidance and expertise are invaluable. We express deep gratitude for our remarkable suppliers, partners and other relations. We eagerly anticipate progress alongside them!

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Sustainability contact

If you have any questions regarding our sustainability program, our sustainability team is here to answer you!


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