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BIS UltraProtect® 1000 is a new pipe support system for indoor and outdoor use (C1 – C4 environments).
The BIS UltraProtect® 1000 products have been specially developed to withstand a salt spray test (ISO 9227) of at least a 1,000 hours with a maximum of 5% red rust.

  • Unique system qua scope, composition and corrosion resistance
  • For fixing or supporting mechanical installations, solar systems and more

 Features and benefits

Optimal Protection

  • All applied surface treatments effortlessly withstand a salt spray test
    of at least 1000 hours*
  • Suitable for corrosive environments (C1 – C4 in accordance with ISO 12944-2)

Better than hot dip galvanizing

  • Higher corrosion resistance: 1000 hours* vs. 300-600 hours
  • Threaded products are also  well-protected
  • Products feel smooth and are also visually appealing

Complementary system

  • The products in the BIS UltraProtect® 1000 system combine together perfectly
  • Can also be combined with zinc plated, pre-galvanized or hot dip galvanized products
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