A sustainable fixing solution for a sustainable factory

Published on: 4 June 2021

Toms Group factory
Poland I Nowa Sól


Danish chocolate manufacturer Toms Group recently invested in a new chocolate production facility in Nowa Sól, Poland. In its first year of operation, the factory created 130 new job opportunities for the locals, and with a positive outlook for the future, this number is planned to be increased significantly in the future.


Food production facilities typically need to comply with various regulations and follow strict guidelines in terms of material usage at the facility. The new building in Nowa Sól was no exception. One of the most critical points of attention was that the materials used had a very high corrosion resistance to maintain their serviceability despite the corrosive environment.


The Walraven engineers worked in close collaboration with the main and sub-contractors throughout the project. The result was a modern, effective and 100% compliant piping system focusing on heating pipes, ventilation pipes and ventilation ducts. Due to the highly corrosive environment, Walraven recommended the installation of a Walraven BIS UltraProtect® 1000 fastening system. All products within the system are coated with a special Walraven BIS UtraProtect® 1000 coating, which withstands up to 1000 hours of salt spray testing (according to ISO 9227) and offers excellent protection against corrosion.

Project highlights

  • Cooling pipes
  • Heating pipes
  • Ventilation pipes

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