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Published on: 23 November 2022

Heineken Experience Fixing systems Heineken Experience

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Heineken, the globally known beer brand, wanted a spectacular entrance to the Heineken Experience Centre in Amsterdam. To be able to create this, the existing building was renovated, and the old stables were turned into a large welcome area. The contractor company Salverda was responsible for this major renovation project. Architect Ideal Projects designed a plan to give a spectacular feeling to the entrance: thousands of Heineken bottles glittering towards visitors from the ceiling. This is where Walraven came in. Salverda asked Walraven, as an expert in fixing systems, to come up with a solution for fixing 11,000 Heineken bottles to the lobby ceiling. Salverda was a great partner during this project, with whom we collaborated in the phases of decision-making and testing.


Fixing 11,000 Heineken bottles to the ceiling asked for a tailor-made solution.
Heineken Experience


Walraven invented, produced and partly prefabricated a customised solution consisting of two parts. The first part holds the bottle, and the second part allows the bottles to be attached to the ceiling.

rubber insert Rapidrail® and Hammerfix bottle

Walraven Rubber insert

For the first part, we developed and produced a rubber insert together with Jefleks, our rubber factory in Turkey. The rubber insert had to meet several criteria: the perfect shape, the right hardness of the rubber, the best way to hold the bottle, and of course, ease of assembly. The end result was a rubber insert placed in the neck of the bottle and tightened with a bolt connection. It is tightened longitudinally, which causes it to expand in width and thus secures itself in the neck of the bottle.

Walraven Rapidrail® and Walraven Hammerfix

For the second part of the solution, Walraven designed and produced a customised Walraven Rapidrail®. The lobby’s walls and ceiling have a double-wall structure and a bottom layer with cut-outs for the bottles. By using the customised Rapidrail® in combination with the Walraven Hammerfix, it was possible to place the bottles in long rows onto the rails. An assembly-friendly solution but as well multifunctional because the rails were also used for fixing the light points.

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