Heavy duty pipe supports – a versatile solution for complex bridge installation

Published on: 4 June 2021

Bridge River Avon
United Kingdom I Bristol


Temple Quay is an area of mixed-use development in central Bristol, England. The development includes residential, commercial and infrastructural improvements. As part of the program, a new bridge was constructed over the river Avon. Walraven was asked to design the support system for two new district heating pipelines running under the newly constructed Change bridge.


First and foremost, due to the corrosive environment, special consideration had to be given to the surface protection of the components specified. Moreover, high levels of pipe movement were expected from the thermal expansion of the pipework and movement of the bridge itself. And finally, the pipework was 150NB pre-insulated, giving added complications when creating fixing points where surface pressure would not exceed the pipe manufacturers’ guidelines.


Our technical advisers carried out thermal movement calculations and recommended Walraven heavy-duty pipe supports to deal with the high loads and the pre-insulated pipe. Expansion devices were installed to allow for linear thermal movement. In some locations, anti-vibration hangers were also used to help eliminate the high-frequency vibrations expected from the bridge. All products used included our special Walraven BIS UltraProtect® 1000 coating, ensuring the best corrosion protection.

Project highlights

  • Heating pipes

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