How to meet a short deadline? With our pre-fabricated systems

Published on: 4 June 2021

Elderly Care Home
United Kingdom I London


Our installer partner, Heatcare provides luxury care homes for the elderly in south England and have worked with Walraven for many years. They are one of the UK’s most highly-respected and accredited contractors working in the care industry, building a reputation for high-quality design, delivery and engineering expertise. Heatcare are committed to providing technical excellence, quality workmanship and highly reliable service.


Heatcare asked us to work with them to find a way to speed up the installation process for the mechanical services throughout their care home projects. Given the number of projects they work on, the cumulative benefits are potentially substantial.


With the option of prefabrication in our factory, we can deliver pre-assembled units for immediate installation. Prior to the pre-assembly, we carried out a full design take-off, including calculations for the entire building, taking into account factors such as the expansion needed for the services when differences in temperature occur. For the installation, we recommended our Walraven RapidRail system as it offered a fast and flexible implementation. The system incorporated our green-lined clips, which are perfectly suited to plastic pipe systems where expansion is expected. The installation of the entire ground took about 1.5 days. Normally this work can take up to 2 weeks.

Project highlights

  • Cooling pipes
  • Heating pipes

“Walraven RapidRail is our preferred bracketry system for installation projects. It is a great quality product that is fast and easy to install. We have saved over 150hrs installation times using this product range. We have also used Walraven’s design, take-off and prefab services which helped the project run very smoothly. We would highly recommend Walraven products and services.”

Gavin Hayes – Project Manager, Heatcare

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