Make the installation of 219 solar panels on a complex roof look easy

Published on: 25 July 2023


The Kymos laboratory needed to install 219 solar panels on its 1585m2 roof. Our Spanish colleague created drawings and calculations to offer the best solutions. The structures were designed specifically for this project with the correct sizes for efficient and quick assembly on-site.



  • The installation of solar modules without moving or touching the installed machines, such as the climate control machines and air handling units.
  • Avoid perforation of the rooftop.


For the installation of the solar panels 2.5m above the roof, Walraven designed and supplied a solar panel support system including the following components:

  • Walraven Maxx Heavy Rail Profile
  • Walraven RapidStrut® Fixing Rail (Walraven BIS UltraProtect® 1000)
  • Walraven Maxx Linear Connector
  • Walraven Maxx Base Plate: Walraven Maxx Profile Connector 90°
  • Walraven Solar Panel Clamps

By placing ballast blocks, we could add the required extra load without perforating the rooftop. The solar panels have a 2% slope for water drainage and minimal shade effect.

Project highlights

  • Optimal use of space by placing the solar panels above the existing equipment.
  • Maximising the yield of the panels by the low slope.
  • Reduced heat impact on the HVAC equipment and roof.
  • Installed without interruption of the operation of the building
  • No welding is necessary.

Walraven Solar Panel Fixing Systems installation Spain







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