Preventing pipe movements and containing temperate differences

Published on: 4 June 2021

Chappelle D’Enhaive
Belgium I Jambes


Chappelle D’Enhaive, a new residential complex in Jambes, Belgium, was designed and built with a sustainable mindset right from the start. The complex, comprising 6 houses and 95 apartments distributed over five buildings, is located near the river of Meuse and has direct access to the centre of the city.


The key challenge during the project was to find a solution for fixing the polypropylene pipes that facilitate the hot and cold water supply. Due to the often-changing temperature inside the pipes, they expand and shrink regularly. Therefore, one of the key requirements was to prevent the moving pipes from putting additional force on the fixing system. Next to this, keeping the noise level to a minimum was also an important criterion.


Walraven technical engineers advised applying Walraven Bifix® G2 5000 clamps, designed explicitly for plastic pipes. Thanks to the rubber lining and removable spacer washers, these clamps are suitable for both sliding and anchoring. For mounting the steel pipes, Walraven Bifix® G2 clamps with black rubber lining were selected. To distribute the changing length, which is the result of the frequent temperature difference, our engineers drew a solution with two 90-degree bends and split the number of pipes into 2 separate groups so that they would fit through the openings in the wall. Next to high-quality and compliant product systems, Walraven supported with technical advice, calculation and design preparation throughout the project.

Project highlights

  • Drinking water pipes

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