Solving the high rise challenge in one of the tallest buildings of the Den Haag

Published on: 4 June 2021

Nieuw Babylon
The Netherlands I Den Haag


With its two residential towers (102 meters and 142 meters high, respectively) and one office building sitting in the middle, the New Babylon is an outstanding construction on the skyline of den Haag, the Netherlands.


The long-term objective of the complex is to become a world-class business destination and harmonious multifunctional facility. Given its size, it is also one of the largest construction projects in the region. The installation project was primarily focusing on finding the correct riser solutions to facilitate the right water pressure, both cold and warm, on the lowest as well as the highest floors.


As a result of the pressure differences, compensators had to be implemented on the copper pipes to compensate for the possible pipe expansions. After the first unsuccessful trials (the compensators broke down as a result of incorrect installation), Walraven was contacted to provide technical support and advice on the products to be used. The Walraven engineering team supported making new calculations and providing detailed installation guidance. These were great contributors to the success of the project.

Project highlights

  • Drinking water pipes
  • Installer: Kruit B.V.

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